Frequently Asked Questions About Costco Wine and This Website

Frequently Asked Questions About Costco Wine and This Website

We thought we’d mix it up with a little feature where we’d answer the most common questions we receive from you, our readers.

This site started more than eight years ago and has grown far beyond what we ever thought possible.  It’s created a great community of people all looking for really good wine bargains from Costco, and our goal is the same as when we started: to help you find them.

We’ve enjoyed speaking with so many of you over the years, and having the chance to answer many questions like you will find below.  Keep ’em coming, and let’s keep finding, enjoying and sharing info on great Costco wines.

Why can’t I find the wines you review at my local Costco?

This is far and away the number one question we get, and I wish we had a better answer for you, but Costco’s wine distribution strategy is anyone’s guess.  We’ve had readers find wines we purchased in the Atlanta area in Tokyo, Japan, but not in a neighboring state like Florida.

Many of the Kirkland wines will see wide distribution so look for those, and often times wines we review may pop later somewhere else in the country, so keep an eye out especially for our Recommended Wines, as you never know when they might appear near you, or reappear after they’ve been gone for a period of time.

How much is Costco paying you do to this site?

Nothing, we are 100% independent of Costco and are just a group of passionate Costco wine fans who enjoy doing this for fun.  The ads that appear on this site help keep it running.

What do you do when you buy a Costco wine that you don’t like?

We write about it too so that our readers know (here’s a recent example).  That’s the beauty of being independent, and we believe our independence and the freedom to be real that comes with it, is a reason why the site is attracting so many readers.  We want to help you avoid bad bottles, and find good ones.

free wooden wine boxes from CostcoCan I take the wooden wine boxes when they are empty?

Yes, you can.  More on that here.  But the idea is that if the wooden wine boxes (in the aisle stacks, or “cheap seats”) are empty or near empty, you can just put them in your cart and take them home.  Occasionally, in the huge cardboard box pile near the check out, you will find these wooden boxes too, so keep an eye out.

Do you receive free wine?

Occasionally, but rarely, and the goal is only to acquire wine that is sold at Costco stores that are not near us, so we might not be able to get the wines any other way.  We have strict guidelines to always publish a note when we receive the wine for sampling purposes.

We believe in complete transparency.  We don’t receive any compensation from any wine company.  We also refuse most of the offered samples unless we think it may be of interest to readers.

I have a wedding coming up, can you recommend some wines from Costco for the event?

As much as we love this question, mainly because it would be fun to attend a wedding with Costco wine, it’s really hard to answer based on our first question above – distribution.  It’s so hard to know if you can find the same wines we can when you walk in to make the big purchase.  They simply might be gone.

Check out the Recommended Wines to see if anything jumps out at you, and feel free to send in wines you are considering and we can share an opinion if we’ve tasted them.

Can I write reviews for your website?

We aren’t looking for additional contributors at the current time, but feel free to hit us up later down the line with some sample reviews.

Can I use the photos of the labels elsewhere online?

Of course.

Can you include the Costco item number and abv for each wine?

We started including this about 2 years ago due to reader feedback.  Some older posts may not have this information included but almost all recent ones do.

California Cabernet

Joseph Phelps Vineyards, Napa Valley

What are your favorite Costco wines?

We keep a running list of wines that we recommend here.  Bookmark that link and bring it up on your smartphone next time you visit the Costco wine aisle.

What other wine resources do you have?

Ok, so this isn’t from readers, but it’s a good question.  We have a book entitled Around the Wine World in 40 Pages, a book on Decoding French Wine and a book on Decoding Italian Wine.  We have a forthcoming book on Spanish wine that we hope to have ready very soon.  There’s also a work of (thriller/sci fi) fiction if you’re so inclined.

Who are you?

I’m Andrew, and I started this site on a whim about eight years ago.  I used to shop at Costco with my family, and since we were already spending $250 every trip it seemed on other stuff, buying wine at Costco was awesome because I could sneak a $40 Bordeaux in the cart and get away with it. Then I started writing about it, and people read it (much to my surprise) a lot more than all the other crappy online content I was creating.  So I ran with this one.

Erin started contributing in 2016 since she felt a similar passion for Costco wine, and visits Costco stores even more than I do. Now, we tag team all the reviews, to bring different perspectives (sometimes we don’t agree), but also to mix up the voice and keep things fresh.  And she knows a lot about wine.

Where are you based?

In the Atlanta area.  We have access to five Costco stores within an hour drive, which is great.

Is there anything I can do to help the site?

Subscribe to our emails and tell your friends about our site.  We would very much appreciate it.

Will the site always be free?


What does Costco think about you doing this site?

We have had very limited contact with Costco over the years, and we believe the site works because it is 100% independent.  We would like to keep it that way, and I am guessing that they see the value in the community we’ve built.  I have been trying to write an article for the Costco Connection magazine because I think it would be fun.

What’s the future hold?

More wine reviews.  A couple small surprises we’re working on. If there’s any feedback you’d like to share with us, please let us know.

—Thanks again for following us and we hope this answered a few questions you may have had.  Cheers.

Andrew and Erin

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