5 Bars Wine Country Insiders Love

photo by Lisa Corson

On your next wine-tasting jaunt, get the inside scoop at the bar where the makers hang out


Here’s one way to explore a wine region: Find the main drag, pull over at whatever shiny tasting room catches your eye, and start swirling and sipping. It’s not the worst strategy—it can actually be a lot of fun—but there’s a more surefire way to sip ahead of the curve: Stop for a beer.

Whether you’re driving the hills of Walla Walla or revisiting Napa Valley, there’s always a spot where the who’s who of vintners and growers imbibe. “Winemakers aren’t going to tasting rooms,” says Chris Hammell, who owns Hammell Wine Alliance and also farms Santa Barbara County’s iconic Bien Nacido Vineyards. Instead, he says, they’re at their local cantina.

“If we have people in town, we take them to Babi’s,” says Hammell. For tired winemakers looking for a break from anything grape-related after a long” ….

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