Back to School Wine Pairings // The Holderness Family

Which wine pairs well with the start of a new school year? Find out here.
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  1. Bless you from this teacher!!

  2. Lolololololololololllool

  3. You guys are great! That was my first week exactly! Wine pairings have become my favorite ones you do. Thanks for the laughs in my crazy day.

  4. Why do you need the physicals? Here in Sweden, the kids are checked on by the school doctor every once in a while.

  5. This was SO awesome! We need more of these for all parts of parenting and school that no one knows about until they're there! 47 committees and the spying on the tryout is so us!

  6. Awesome! ???

  7. I’m concerned that I’m loving this video a little too much! ??? (HS English teacher who may have wine in the fridge!)

  8. I started school 3 weeks ago

  9. I'm late again but I watched it twice cuz its so funny???

    Can you try this on your next "Nailed It" video? Then i will know if i should try it or not! 😉

  11. HAHHaha hilarios



  13. ? I need to show this to my mom?????

  14. Wait whaaaaaa!!!!

  15. This was so funny ?????????? love you guys

  16. NAILED IT!! You guys are right in the flow of all parents right now. The jazz elevator music is hilarious. Sign up genius is evil genius! I teach preschool so do I get extra wine and liquor?

  17. i love your videos so much!!!!

  18. I now that stuff suk have a nice day

  19. I forgot to unpack a cheese baguette and it was mouldy

  20. I start on August 29th I'm going to year 8 which I think is a grade 7

  21. Michelle Robertazzi

    Lol too funny and too true on the parent sign up list

  22. As a public school math teacher all I can say is……YOU NAILED IT!!

  23. Nailed it!

  24. Haha! I love those all!! ???????????????

  25. Can you do the boys vs girls blindfolded smell test challenge with two teams

  26. My first day of school is september 5th. ?

  27. hahaha this is awesome!! Kim & the teacher selection had me laughing out loud!!

  28. 23rd comment

  29. When will you be reviewing flasks? It's so hard to take a discrete nip from a gallon jug during parent teacher conferences.