The Kosher Wine Review #70 Dassai 23 Sake

Yehoshua Werth & George from the Japanese Culinary Center in New York City with Top notch Sake.
Only 23% of the Original Grain left after polishing it down to get the core flavors out in production. WOW this is sMOOOOOTH.
Made like a beer Drinks like a wine.
This is what would be a First Growth Bordeaux if comparing to French grape wines. The best of the best!



  1. Shame as my Jewish customer is so wealthy but so stingy!!!! Long story short!!!! /But yes that sake is great!!! Clean and smooth!!!

  2. He has no fuckin idea what is he talking about. Just drink it and enjoy dassai series!!

  3. 98% of shops in the U.K that sell sake will offer one sake. 1% will offer two. The final 1% will be specialists. I really like sake and other Japanese rice wines and they are the perfect accompaniment for Japanese food and other cuisine too. I've never tasted a super premium variety and really hope those drinks are worth it. Great review. Cheers. WT

  4. Dassai = truly awesome Sake. Kosher too? Love it.

  5. Thank you and keep in touch 🙂