Blender Beginners Tutorial Making a Simple Car Entering Values in the Properties Window

This beginners tutorial shows how to make a simple model from mesh objects available in Blender.

The tutorial also shows how to scale, rotate and change the location of objects by typing values into the properties window.

Steps –

S Y 4
S X 2.5
Duplicate shift D and Enter, for duplicate
set Z location to 2
scale Y 1.5
set Y location to 0.5
Add, Mesh, Torus
location X 2.8 Y -2.4 Z -0.8
Duplicate set Y location to 2.4
Duplicate the back wheel set X -2.8
Duplicate the front wheel set X -2.8
Set the diffuse colour of the cube to red
Select a wheel, add a new material, set the diffuse colour to black
Select the other wheels, use the material browser to select the black material
To join, hold down shift and select all the parts of the car, click the join button

Duplicating and scaling in one dimension.
How to enter scale, rotation and location data directly into the properties window.
How to create materials to add colour to objects.
How to join mesh objects

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