How to Hold a Successful Wine Pull

A wine pull is a great way to get additional revenue at a fundraiser. A wine pull is a “drawing” for wine at a fundraising event. For a 300-500 person event, you can offer up to 150 bottles of wine. Each bottle should be wrapped or placed in a sealed wine bag, so the label cannot be seen. You can “dress” the bottles to go with the theme of the event. This can be as easy as using tissue paper in the colors of the event to wrap the bottles with a pretty ribbon. As professional charity auctioneers, Murad Auctions organizes and manages successful, profitable fundraising auctions for non-profit organizations in Dallas, Fort Worth and other cities across the U.S. We use our expertise, knowledge of the auction industry, new and creative auction ideas, and our effective and efficient procedures to host auctions that are so effective they often break records and exceed goals.