Rescuing Riesling with Paul Grieco of Terroir | Follow That Somm

Paul Grieco is the self-proclaimed KING OF RIESLING. Today, he teaches our host Carole Mac how to taste German and Alsatian Riesling. For more expert wine tasting notes and recommendations, visit Wine4Food today! Paul Grieco is one of New York City's most well-known wine lovers and the multiple James Beard award-winning general manager of Terroir Wine Bar. In today’s episode, he explains how to taste German and Alsatian Riesling while dropping references to Game of Thrones and munching on delicious fluke ceviche prepared by Chef Andrew Riccatelli. This is a must-watch for those who want to learn about the Riesling varietal or watch an absolute wine tasting and pairing master at work. Head to Terroir TriBeCa or Terroir on the Porch to participate in their SUMMER OF RIESLING. 30+ glasses of Riesling are on the menu all summer — what could go wrong? Wines tasted in this episode: 2015 Eva Fricke Rheingau Riesling: Domaine Ernest Brun Riesling 2012: