What Happened to Freddo the Drone? Drone Hijacking??

Did we fall victim to a drone hijacking? Is it possible to hijack a drone? I do a deep analysis of what happened to Freddo the Drone. On today's vlog, I wanted to explain what I thought happened to the drone. The comment section yesterday made it seem like we were victims of a drone hijacking. But, I don't think it's possible. For one, I think there's no way that anyone would have known we were flying a drone. Second of all, when I did some research I came up with a theory that makes more sense than the idea that the drone was hijacked. So, in the vlog I explain my theory. Then, after deciding that our drone was likely not a part of some crazy drone hijacking, Greg and I headed out to shoot some photography. This photography vlog is part #drone and part photography vlog.