? 500K Thank YOU! Stories, Wine, Opening Gifts, Tears, not so good ASMR ?

Hey HEY! So it’s 500, 000 viewers and 150 mil total views XO now? You Spoil me!!!! 😀 In this little unrehearsed (at times blurry, super awkward, fun mess!) thank you video I will be telling you some early stories about our community while flipping magazine pages 0-10:00, sharing my experiences from this year 10:03-14:33, a bit of bloopers from many takes of this video (LOL) 14:35-16:30, excitement about Pixelwhipt : (ASMR in VR) 16:31-18:18, opening packages, package #1 – 18:23, package #2 – 20:00, package #3 – 21:32, package #4 – 24:28, package #5 – 27:00 (I’m sorry it wasn’t fully recorded 🙁 ), package #6 – 30:05, 34:30-till end OH THE FEELS :'( I love you guys ?

Thank you very much for an amazing journey, for wonderful gifts, for the supportive and wise words. You are my buds forever 🙂 (fist pump)

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