DRINK UP® | Unbreakable Drama Free Wine Glasses

DRINK UP® – Shatterproof Stemless Plastic Glasses. Drama free, unbreakable wine glasses are made from the premium Tritan plastic quality material which is a BPA-free, known for helping to prevent breaking or cracking. Our wine glasses are made of highly safe and durable plastic material. Highly recommended for home, bars, restaurants, and events.

Made of 100% food grade plastic. BPA and EA free, FDA certificated, LEGB approved. It is not manufactured with bisphenol and is impact-resistant. Our products can be used without fear of shattering.. .

Features & Benefits:. . Shatterproof stemless plastic glasses. Unbreakable high-quality material. Reusable for the party & camping. 100% dishwasher safe. Set of 4 (16oz) & 400 ml. Perfect for wine, beer, cocktails & juices.

Made from the premium Tritan plastic material. Perfect for indoor & outdoor use . . Drinking in the sparkle of crystal clear plastic without the shatter that comes along with the glass. Perfect everyday drinking glass and great for indoor dining and outdoor parties. These curvy shatterproof tumblers are lightweight and comfortable to hold even for kids. . .

Raise Your Glass with our DRINK UP® Plastic Glasses: No matter what the occasion is. Every celebration includes drinkware. With our glassware say no to breakage and you never have to worry about broken glass by children or guests at home or party events..

NOTE: To avoid scratching the surface , Do not apply abrasive cleaning material or use with boiling liquid. Ideal for hand washes soft sponge..


Box Contains
4 x 400ml Unbreakable Drinking Glass