Istria wine and grappa tasting – Enoteka Sempervivum – Pore? – Croatia

Family Fabi? registered a trade craft called Sempervivum, and went with only a small production of brandies, grappa and liqueurs. Since Istria, especially in westernIstria, Porec area known for its excellent wines, we decided to produce brandies and liqueurs because they are the Istrian brandy and liqueurs underrepresented in Istria, while in most countries, brandy and liqueurs are very represented, for example in Italy . Our family has traditionally engaged in the production of wine and spirits for over 150 years. Our grappa and liqueurs are sold in over 40 stores across the Croatian, our work and efforts have been recognized by numerous wine shops Wine shops and as their valued customer.
We currently offer over 16 flavors of brandies and liqueurs, and always prepare a new taste of brandy. We offer recipes liquor with more than 100 years, knows how to say, the recipes of our grandmothers. Specials are Liker of red wine Elixir of Sempervivum, recipe in our family for over 100 years, also we have to offer liqueur Olive “Olivia,” Istrian medica and mistletoes, grappa with dried figs, Istrian bitters (bitters with 10 herbs) routes, walnut liqueur, berry liqueur, cherry liqueur, blueberry, walnut, routes, plum, pear …
With a good glass of brandy and liqueurs, and wines, you will experience the magic back into the past Istrian peasant, with imagination Wine shops Sempervivum.