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Home Made Fruit Wine || X’Mas Special Wine
Water Melon Wine || How to make Watermelon Wine at Home || Step by Step Recipe

(Watermelon fruit wine is a fermented beverage made out of Ripe, Sweet Watermelon. The fruit wines are traditionally popular among home wine makers. A normal “Wine” means it is derived from fermented grape juice. But the fruit wines are usually referred by their main fruit ingredient. We thought of sharing an exceptional wine recipe with you for your coming X’Mas season, rather than the common wine recipes. The foremost fruit to choose was Watermelon, since it is an all-time available fruit through the year and the price is very cheap compared to other fruits. So here is the recipe of Watermelon Fruit Wine, through very easy steps for all of you to make during this X’Mas season)


Watermelon (with seed) – 3 kgs (before removing the skin
Beet root (Dark Coloured) – 2 medium /1 big
Sugar – 1250 gms
Spices- (Cardamom – 7, Cinnamon -2, Star Anise – 1, Cloves – 9)
Instant Yeast – 2 tsp
Whole wheat – 1 handful
Boiled water (in room temperature) – 2 glasses

Utensils Needed

Ceramic Pot (Preferably a Bharani) or a dark coloured glass jar. (If you use a transparent jar, make sure you keep the jar in a dark room for fermentation process). A wooden ladle or a spatula , a clean white cloth preferably and a strip for tying the pot.

Method of preparation

Wash the watermelon. Remove the rind (hard shell till the white layer). Scoop the red flesh and remove the seeds. Cut it messy, into small cubes as you can. Keep aside along with the oozed out juice.
Peel the beetroot and wash. Fine chop or grate them and keep aside. Take a pan and the pieces along with 2 glasses of water. Wait till it boils so that the colour of the beetroot is liberated into the water. Switch off the flame. Remove from stove, strain the pulp and keep the beetroot water aside for cooling. This is added only as a colouring agent, since watermelon doesn’t have a dark colour to appeal the wine.
Crush the whole wheat in a mortar and tie it in a clean white cloth to make a loose pouch. Crushing is done to make the wine making process fast. Wheat is added for added strength of the wine.
Crush the spices and keep aside. Here also crushing is done for fast release of the spice flavours into the wine.
Take the Washed, clean and dry pot. Add a layer of crushed chunks of watermelon at the bottom. Then add a layer of sugar. For the Watermelon Wine we need less amount of sugar compared to grape wines since the fruit itself is sweet and not sour. Add the crushed spices above that. Add Beet root juice over that. Now add boiled water in room temperature to fully immerse the watermelon chunks and make sure that the pot is filled by 3/4th only. (Since Watermelon itself has enough water content, water should be added only if needed). Now immerse the wheat pouch into the bottle. Finally add the instant yeast. Close with the loose lid and cover with a clean white cloth and tie tightly. This lets the air pass through the lid which aids fermentation. Keep in a dark place if you use a transparent glass jar. Let it rest for 3 days until the fermentation starts with. Make sure you open the pot every 3 days from the fourth day until 15th day and mix the wine through the bottom in clockwise motion, preferably on the same time, in the mornings or evenings, with a wooden spatula. On the 16th day if you open the jar, you will see that the fermentation has almost settled down with no action in the jar and with no more bubble formation. So now it is time for us to strain the contents to take out the clear wine to stack it. Strain through a sieve to remove the solids and sieve again through a fine cloth so that all the minute residues will be removed. Now the bye product is a very clear wine. Fill the wine in the glass bottles, preferably dark coloured bottles. Keep in dark place without moving the bottle for another week and your wine is ready for serving now. This process of keeping the wine after the filtration is called “stacking”. You can also filter this wine every month and stack it again for a clearer wine. The taste of this wine is best as the age advances.
Enjoy this easy to make “Homemade Watermelon Wine” which is a very healthy and tasty fruit wine. Try it out for this coming X’Mas season….

Make sure that the bottles used for wine making, is cleaned in boiled water and dried very well without any water content.
Always use a wooden spatula for mixing the contents
Make sure you mix the contents in the same direction, same time everyday, preferably in the morning or evening, so that the wine won’t attract the small insects at that time.
Avoid metal or plastic utensils for the wine making
Stacking and filtering the wine every month after 21st day can give you the clearest wine.

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