These 70s Vs are Magical | 1979 Gibson Flying V Tobacco Sunburst | Review + Demo

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0:28 – Late 50s Vs
1:34 – 1967 Style Vs
3:25 – Hendrix’s Vs
4:11 – Medallion Vs
4:29 – The Next Changes
5:15 – 70s Vs = Magic!
7:44 – Specs
8:37 – Clean Demo
10:45 – Dirty Demo
11:55 – Condition
15:40 – Blacklight
16:44 – Case

The flying v was first introduced in 1958 and lasted until 1959. These were Korina bodies with a very futuristic design. Shipping ledgers state there were only 98 original 50s Vs made. There were a few custom order from 1960-1964, but Gibson didn’t toy with the idea of reissuing them until 1966 when another korina version was made as well as a new one which would later be deemed the “67 V.”

Thanks to people like Jimi Hendrix and Kirk Hammett of Metallica and many others, 60s and 70s flying Vs have quite a stellar reputation. In fact, kirk’s famous black flying v is from 1979 just like the one in this video.

What are the differences between a 70s and 60s V? There are actually quite a few minor differences, but the biggest ones to know and the original 60s were one piece bodies and necks with a tremolo unit on them.

The 70s Flying Vs are quite magical. They are very resonant and they play great. They are also very light weight. I highly recommend these guitars.

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