When You Have HOT Girlfriend | RVCJ | FT. Ruma Sharma & Saad Bilgrami

Ohhhhh.. She is so HOT!

Do you also want a hot girlfriend, but we are warning you its not easy to keep one. This video will clarify your want with conditions and of course with laughter.

” Having a hot girlfriend is injurious to health ”

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Writer: Sanjeev Kariyandi & Pankaj Kothawade
Director: Pankaj Kothawade
Executive Producer: Ashwin Salunke
Creative Supervisor: Akshat Wine Spyro
Creative Producer: Pankaj Kothawade
DOP & Colorist: Jay Kulkarni
Asst. Director: Lalitam Anand
Editor: Lavesh Rampurkar
Graphics: Sandeep Ambrule
Art: Ram Gupta
Accounts: Rohan Pawar
Subtitles: Rubi
Location: RVCJ STUDIO, B Desi ( Andheri West)


Ruma Sharma
Saad Bilgrami
Lalitam Anand
Zuber Shaikh
Akshat Wine Spyro
Gauri Kiran
Sanjeev Kariyandi
Pankaj Kothawade
Kiran Kothavade
Ashwin Salunke

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