Wine for beginners – Which? experts share 3 essential tips

We’ve singled out three red wine tips from our experts to take you through the festive months.

1. If your screw-top red is a bit flat or smells sulphurous when you crack it open, it might be lacking oxygen.

But, if you pour a bit out, put the cap on and give it a good shake, you might be able to revive it.

2. If you’ve got a wine that’s high in tannins, try having it with certain foods, such as meat or cheese, and you might find it becomes easier and softer to drink.

Wine tannins come from grape skins, pips, stalks, and ageing in wooden barrels, and they add bitterness and complexity to wine.

You can’t tell tannin content from the label, but you’ll notice that some wines work better with food than when drunk solo.

3. If you’ve got leftover red, try freezing it to cook with later.

First, boil the wine to reduce it. Then, once it’s cooled, freeze it in ice cube trays.

That way, when you need to add a dash of wine to a meal, you won’t need to open a whole new bottle.

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