Wine pump over (in-tank) or (reverse) wine punch down at DeLille Cellars using Pulsair Systems

Learn more about Pulsair’s, award winning, world-class air mixing, in-tank wine pump over or reverse wine punch down process for mixing red wine into grape caps quickly with less effort to improve efficiency and elevate wine quality. The process works by introducing large compressed air bubbles underneath the grape cap. The sequential injection of compressed air will mix the juice up into and over the top of the grape cap to both wet and disintegrate the cap into individual berries allowing enhanced extraction to occur.

“When DeLille first started to expand our production in 2012, we explored a lot of options for cap management. We ran some very controlled trials from day one and Pulsair was a great opportunity for us to expand and to maintain our quality level, and since then we’ve gone full steam ahead with Pulsair for all of our cap management. Here at DeLille we use Pulsair in the wine making process to manage our caps during red wine fermentation. It’s allows us to make more and better wine, but it’s also allows us to be more efficient and to maintain the high quality level that we’ve had here for 25 years, and actually make more wine.

So really mimics what we’re trying to do with smaller ferments. Separates the cap, not into chunks, but actually into individual berries. So at this point we’ve learned that we can make more and better wine and have it look and feel exactly as if we were doing it by hand. Here in the winery no one is particularly gentle on equipment and it’s safe to say that we have not been that gentle on Pulsair equipment over the years, besides the fact that the products are made extraordinarily well, incredibly durable. I mean, we don’t have people standing on a thin plank 15 feet up in the air to manage a cap. We can manage our ferments safely from behind a railing, just moving around the Pulsair wand, and Pulsair allows us to have the utmost confidence that we’re not doing anything even remotely dangerous.

To anyone who hasn’t heard about Pulsair or is reluctant to give it a try, I would say come visit me at the winery. We can taste from fermentor, from barrel, controlled, experiments of what we’ve been doing here and I promise you, everyone that’s ever tried it believes that Pulsair can really deliver on high quality wine.”
Pulsair Systems offers an innovative and award winning air mixing process that uses compressed air or inert gas for red wine fermentation mixing. The process is fast, enhances extraction, improves labor efficiency, helps degas CO2 and reductive hydrogen sulfide odors and improves overall taste. Pulsair has equipment solution for any size winery and any size fermentation tank. This cap mixing process is easier to use then traditional punch down (pigeage) and traditional pump-over (remontage). Pulsair can be used with both methods and is also known as an in-tank pump-over or a reverse punch down. The mixing process enhances red winemaking extraction and improve overall winery efficiency.