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For Health Forum Appointments, contact GLENN at 09107570835. Regular Health Forum with Doc Atoie and FREE Consultation is every Tuesday and Friday at 1PM held at Zynergia Wellness Center No.91 West Avenue, Project 7, Brgy. Bungad, Quezon City.

Doc Atoie Arboleda, NMD is a Naturopathy practitioner in the Philippines and a Cancer Specialist. Doc Atoie is also a broadcaster, an author and a TV Host. His mission is to educate people about Health and Wellness by conducting Health Forum and free consultation all over the country and does so for almost 14 years. He currently conducted health forum schedules with free consultation at the Zynergia Wellness Center at No. 91, West Avenue, Brgy Bungad, Quezon City every Tuesday and Friday at 1PM. He also has free consultation at the same place every Wednesday and Saturday at 3PM.

Naturopathy is a science which promotes the art of curing and preventing diseases by bringing about suitable changes in food and lifestyle. The five basic natural elements consisting of soil, water, air, fire and sunlight are used in different forms. The use of any chemical or formulated drugs, tablets, injections, operation, etc.; is not practiced. It is therefore referred to as “The drugless therapy”, which is safe and devoid of any harmful side effects.

Naturopathy is more popularly called as alternative therapy which upholds the basic principle that our body has the inbuilt ability to heal itself when provided with proper nutrition, exercise and environment. We are born with a strong inbuilt resistance power. If we are fundamentally conscious of our food intake, habits and lifestyle, then we would be less prone to illnesses and diseases.

For more information, contact Glenn at 0910-757-0835.