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Sileni Vineyard

We decided to buy the Christmas and New Years Eve wines from a vineyard at Hawkes Bay. We ended up at the Sileni Estate and got some amazing wines! Here’s a shot from their estate. Their logo is an upside down triangle, so I realized today that this photo fits quite nicely 🙂 The sun shone through at one spot …

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How to tell if a Wine is Corked

When we taste wine in a restaurant, this is the key thing we are looking out for. If there is the faintest sign that the wine is corked, send it away. “Hi, I’m Joe and here is the 31DOVER.com guide on how tell if a wine is corked. To fully appreciate wine you need to swirl it in a glass …

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grappe de grenache au printemps 2009 www.echalas-langlade.com Posted by Échalas de Langlade on 2009-06-27 11:02:54 Tagged: , grappe , grenache , vigne , vignes , langlade , échalas de langlade , grape , vine , vineyard , languedoc

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