DIY Mermaid Wine Bottle Craft | Ep.1 Scales & Tails

DIY Mermaid Wine Bottle Craft | Ep.1 Scales & Tails

Hi my crafty fam, I hope this tutorial was helpful and that you are as excited to see the end results of these as I am! As I mentioned in the video, one of you could have a chance to win one of them so make sure to have your notifications on so you don’t miss out on the details or the giveaway! If you want to show your love and support please don’t forget to thumbs up the video, comment and share my videos. I appreciate all the support that you guys give me. It is why I work so hard to bring you the best content I can possibly bring you. See you real soon! Love you all and God bless!

Fin Printout:

Seashell Bottle Art Series:

What I Used:
1.) Empty Wine Bottle (preferably one shaped like the tail and has a small lip)
2.) Poster Paper (I used a 22” x 28” for each bottle)
3.) Hole Puncher (1” by recollections)
4.) Hot Glue Gun
5.) Cork
6.) Wooden Dowel
7.) Scissors
8.) White Crafting Foam
9.) Something To Trace With
10.) Paint Brush
11.) Beacon Fabric Tac

A tiny bit about myself:
I’m a 40-year-old recovering alcohol/drug addict. I’ve been sober and clean since August 2014. I took the very bottles that were killing me and started to turn them into art. I’ve been through so much in my life and one of my lifelong goals is to one day share my stories in hopes to help others, who are going through the same things, know that you can survive it all and live again. The other is to become an artist and show my work in a gallery one day. Until that day I will share my God-given artistic abilities along with my dorkiness with everyone in hopes that I can bring some happiness, inspiration, and smiles, if only for a brief moment, in a world that can be very cruel at times. I thank the lord every day for always keeping me alive in situations where I thought I was going to die and for never leaving my side.

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