Making Wine (Part 7) First Racking (Off Gross Lees)

About a week or so after PRESS (Part 6), it is time for the FIRST RACKING. Racking is the process of siphoning the wine (via gravity), from one vessel to another, in order to remove the wine from the particles that have settled to the bottom of the vessel. The FIRST RACKING is done to remove the larger particles, consisting mainly of grape solids and dead yeast cells. These larger particles are known as the GROSS LEES, and can have a negative impact on the wine’s flavor if kept in contact with the wine for too long. The smaller particles that settle in time, on the other hand, can have positive effects on the wine’s flavor and mouth feel. These smaller particles are know as the FINE LEES. Helping me out in this video, is the man who taught me just about everything I know about the wine making process… my Dad!

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Creative Commons — CC BY 3.0

Just thought I’d share my own personal experience of making wine at home. Each video will take you through each step of the wine making process, and give you a glimpse into my family’s own personal journey, as it relates to this time honored tradition.
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