Windows Games on Linux | All you need to know

If you are going to play Windows games on Linux this is all you need to know. I go over the main aspects of creating a wonderful experience.

Part 1: The Types
-Native Steam (It just works)
-Proton Steam (It just works on “compatible” titles, but for others)
-Lutris (Usually comes with some configuration)
-Virtualized (Everything runs in a Virtual Machine and needs PCI Pass through)

Part 2: What is Wine and why should I care
-Wine is a compatibility layer
-Proton is based on Wine
-Almost everything that is a “Windows Application” can run to different extents

Part 3: What type of system do you need? What works best?
-nVidia cards work pretty good as long as they are relatively new and you are using their proprietary drivers
-AMD is making an open source play and moving everything to be built into the kernel. So for future proofing, they will be a powerhouse, because everything is open source. However, they aren’t there yet and need time to catch up.
-A GPU card built in the last couple years that is DXVK compatible

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