Song: ??????? ???? (Pink Wine/Rosé) — ?????? & Feduk
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Hello, everyone! As a thanks for 1.3k, I decided to open up a nice anything map! If you don’t know what an anything map is, it’s as the name implies- anything and everything. What this means is that you can use any characters- from a fandom, Original characters, or even people from real life. It can be furries, humans, otherworldly beings, countryhumans, heck- even minions, I don’t really care.

As expected, though, I do have a few rules. Please do read them before requesting a part.

RULE 1: please please PLEASE use the color palette on screen. If you really need me to, I can post a link to my stash so you can download the palette. The border used for the palette itself IS included, so feel free to use that as well. I know it seems dumb to make this a rule, but believe me, I cannot stress this enough.

RULE 2: Blood and gore IS allowed, just as long as you stick with the color palette. However, Sexual/suggestive things are NOT allowed. Anything that would be over 15+ is absolutely out of the question. So is anything that’s obviously offensive. I think that goes without saying, though.

RULE 3: It’s not exactly first come first serve- I will be checking your channel to see if you can really animate. Yes, tweening does count as animation, and I will allow most PMV style things as well.

RULE 4: Be hecking nice to each other. No fighting over parts and no mean words.

The due date is March 1st. If you need an extension, contact me. If you aren’t finished by then and don’t have an extension, you will be replaced by a backup. I don’t want to seem mean, so please don’t take it that way! Follow the rules and you should be fine.

If you read the rules, put ‘owo’ somewhere in your comment.


Intro: F0RK-L0RD
Part 1: FirePaw the cat?
Part 2: Evilpeep76
Part 3: Coca Soda
Part 4: KristallEis
Part 5: Star Chaser
Part 6: Salveen Young
Part 7: Blaz zed
Part 8: Irina Cat ???? ?????, ?????? ????????
End: F0RK-L0RD


1: SophiaTheDiva
2: Tom Animates Stuff
3: Earthly Mapping
4: Vampire Kitten


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