Making Primitive Smreka: a fermented Bosnian drink

While collecting juniper berries in the Mojave desert I came to realize how useful this tree is. I also learned that a popular Bosnian drink called Smreka is made by fermenting the berries (which are actually cones) in water. I love fermentation so I decided to try it.

I added approximately 1 cup of raw whole unwashed berries to my gourd (pumpo) and then approximately 2 quarts of water (make sure the water is safe to drink). I put a loose cork on the gourd so gases can still escape and then I’ll let it ferment until the next full moon (about 1 month). I shake it about once a day and that is it. Simple, two ingredients and let nature do the rest. I will make another video when I taste it and link to that video at the end of this one.

1 cup juniper berries
2 quarts water
1 month of fermentation

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Camera: Nikon D7200
Audio: Zoom H4N
Editing: Final Cut Pro X
Location: Mojave Desert and the Hut

Music credit:
Drums of the Deep by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (