Chef's Night Out: Robertas

Roberta’s, the pizza-centric restaurant in Brooklyn, has become so popular that Jay-Z and Beyonce are regular diners. But Roberta’s had humble beginnings as a pizza place in a neighborhood that people once disregarded. Fast-forward a few years later, and their massive compound now includes a bakery as well as tasting-menu restaurant Blanca.

Roberta’s head chef Carlo Mirarchi let us tag along for a night out as we hit up some NYC’s best spots. First off was The Ten Bells wine bar for a couple of bottles of vino with friends. We then head down the street to the newly reopened Mission Chinese to meet up with head chefs Danny Bowien and Angela Dimayuga and eat some wings and oysters. After that is Enrique Olivera’s restaurant Cosme for duck carnitas and a ton of mezcal. Finally, we wrap things up back at Blanca with a Roberta’s staff reunion, some porchetta, and steak. Enjoy this peek into one of NYC’s most popular and influential restaurants.

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