Perhaps, each of us will find things that are no longer needed, and it’s a pity to throw them away. But old things can be given a new life, if you know how. And I’ll show you how.

I have an amazing solution for sweet lovers! Don’t throw your popsicle and ice cream sticks, you can make a magnificent chandelier with your own hands. I will also show you how to make a fascinating decoration, how to make a decorative vase for artificial flowers, how to make a napkin stand from popsicle sticks.

How to clean leather shoes to shine? Rub boots with banana peel. You can also make fertilizer for home plants of banana peel – just leave the banana peel in the water for a day. I’ll show you how to grow lettuce, how to make apple syrup from apple peel, how to make an orange peel candlestick.

If you have an old sweater, I will show you how to make soft slippers, how to make mittens for lovers and how to make ordinary mittens, how to pack a bottle of wine nicely, and how to make a decorative pillowcase.


2:21 A smart way to recycle old towels
5:58 DIY fertilizer for home plants
8:19 DIY rainbow candlestick
11:05 How to make a pop up card
13:33 How to pack a bottle of wine
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