Bordeaux 2018 wines: Our en primeur verdict

bordeaux 2018 wines, cheval blanc
The cellars at Cheval Blanc, one of Jane Anson’s top rated estates in the Bordeaux 2018 vintage.

Look out for Jane Anson’s full tasting notes, scores and appellation overviews, published this week. 

I was cynical before I began tasting the Bordeaux 2018 wines in-barrel this year, I admit it. But it’s a very good vintage – maybe even great – albeit a little atypical for some appellations.


Scores: Several in-barrel wines make the 98-100 points bracket. 

Ageing: Has the qualities to age, but ‘the high alcohols have in many cases wrapped the tannins up in silk, and the wines feel approachable [now].’ 

Issues: Watch out for overripe fruit. The bold style is not typical of some appellations in Médoc. Mildew hit hard early in the season, although good summer weather and a sunny September led to a wide harvest window.

Comparisons: ‘Perhaps the closest we can come to a definition is 2009 meets 2016 on the Left Bank, and 1998 meets 2015 for the Right Bank.’ 

Overall red wine rating: Pockets of brilliance but not fully consistent. 4.5/5

Left Bank wine of the vintage: Lafite Rothschild | Right Bank wine of the vintage: Cheval Blanc

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