– The Man Who Enticed Me Into the World of Wine!

It was a glass of Brunello that changed my future forever! And, after spending one afternoon lounging at a wine maker’s home in Tuscany, a book I purchased by Kevin Zraly — my first foray into wine — that truly piqued my passion and I know there are many, many others that will say the same. The original publication, Windows on the World Complete Wine Course, is conducted by the exemplary maestro himself. That was a number of years ago. A new year means annual updates for this terrific tome — watch the video to see how you can order your copy today…

Kevin is also founder of the Windows on the World Wine School in New York City — one of the top in the country! It’s certainly worth the price of admission into this fun and exciting world of wine, wine producers, globe trotting and viticulture.

Goodtaste cameras recently caught up with Kevin, as well as Masraff sommelier, Ben Roberts, at a Brunello tasting event at the Wynden — Masraff’s special events venue — in Houston. It was a fabulous day with entertainment (in addition to hundreds of wines being poured) coordinated by Ben, yet another fellow admirer of Kevin’s teachings and methods. Brunello di Montalcino is certainly an exceptional red wine, made from 100 percent Sangiovese grapes at the insistence of Italian law. Kevin tells me it’s “absolutely, positively” one of his favorite wines in the entire world. Wait until you hear his opinion on food pairing as well…he may surprise you!

Sommelier Roberts recommends Masraff’s Flat Iron Charred Ribeye with Truffled Restuffed Potato with the Brunello. The meat is rich and melts practically well in your mouth. The Brunello has enough tannins to work well with this…a perfect balance of acidity!

Most Brunellos generally start at around $50 and work up for there. Think of the Rosso di Montalcino as the younger version of the Brunello and ready to drink! It’s an excellent ‘second’ wine, as Kevin says, and doesn’t need to age like its fancier counterpart. It also hovers in the $20 price range — a great deal!

The key to finding the best value in any wine is to know the producer. Kevin’s book got me started. Why not have a look for yourself!