I Am Trying To Make Homemade Wine!!! (8.31.10)

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Twitter – I really enjoy watching daily vlogs from YouTube stars like CTFxC ( CharlesTrippy ), SHAYTARDS, LisaNova, KassemG, and iJustine; so I decided to do my own! I make a video everyday. If you like this one be sure to check out all the rest, and subscribe for future videos. I like to think that I am an up and coming awesome daily vlogger! I finally made it to the wine store and picked up some wine yeast! i also found that the wine store sells medieval meed! i picked up a bottle of that to give it a try as well! then i went on my merry way to pick up the rest of the ingredients for making my own homemade wine! this should be good! it was pretty simple all in all, but we will see once its all said and done! lol