Most AMAZING Underground Buildings & Structures!

Check out the Most AMAZING Underground Buildings & Structures! From the deepest buildings underground to other mysterious underground projects, this top 10 list of incredible buildings will amaze you!

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This post office located in the Postojna Cave in Slovenia, has become famous! In 2017, Architectural Digest named this underground place as one of the Seven Subterranean Wonders of the World. The post office was built in 1899, making it the oldest underground post office in the world. It was constructed entirely with materials that were small enough to be transported to the building location by the cave’s train.

7. Antorini Wine Cellar
Marchesa Antorini is one of Italy’s most famous winemakers. The family-owned business has been making wine since 1385, but until 2013, they kept their doors closed to the public. That year, the company opened their newly-built Marchesa Antorini Chianti Classico Cellar to visitors for the first time.

This 13th-century salt mine is located in the Krakow metropolitan area of southern Poland, and continuously provided table salt until 2007. Mining activities ended in 1996 due to the falling cost of table salt. Until then, the Wieliczka Salt Mine was operated by Kraków Saltworks. It’s the oldest European salt mine and is considered to have royal status.

In the desert mining town of Coober Pedy, Australia, there’s an underground Serbian Orthodox church, known as the Coober Pedy Serbian Church, that was built in 1993. It was constructed by Serbs who settled in Coober Pedy as opal miners. The church is 98 feet long (30 m), 17 feet wide (5.3 m), and 23 feet high (7 m), and at its deepest point, is 55 feet (17 m) below the ground.

In Vals, Switzerland, it’s considered of utmost importance not to disturb the tranquility of the local atmosphere with the construction of a new dwelling. Most architectural proposals in Vals are rejected because they’re thought to be disruptive to the village’s environment.

The Lord of the Rings is one of the most beloved series of all time. Fans wanting to create their own Hobbit experience built the very first Hobbit Motel, located in Woodlyn Park on New Zealand’s North Island.
It’s built into a hill and has round doors and windows and a grassy roof. Although the motel was designed to resemble a true hobbit home, it was built for humans, and each unit is big and tall enough to comfortably accommodate up to six guests.

At nearly 276 feet (84 m) beneath ground level, the Park Pobedy metro station is the deepest station in Moscow and the third-deepest in the world. At the end of 2016, Deputy Mayor for Urban Development and Construction Marat Khusnullin announced the launching of the world’s longest escalator within the Park Pobedy station. The escalator is nearly 427 feet (130 m) long and operates at a depth of 223 feet (68 m).

It was once customary for world leaders to flee from major cities in the event of warfare, but Winston Churchill bravely, although secretly, remained quietly stationed beneath the streets of London during World War II. In a set of dank, subterranean rooms that were once used by civil servants to store furniture, Churchill and his most senior commanders plotted the British military’s next move and communicated with allied countries.

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