BE YOUR OWN BARTENDER // Plus a Pimms & Gin Cocktail Recipe

How do you choose what cocktail to make at home? What is muddling, anyway? These are just a couple of questions answered in this video, along with tips for making cocktails at home, like how to make super sexy garnish to impress guests and the smell it, smack it, smell it test with herbs.

My friends Carey Jones and John McCarthy are cocktail pros — they’ve written a cocktail column for Food & Wine for years and have developed hundreds of cocktail recipes. Together, they just published a fun flow-chart cocktail book called “Be Your Own Bartender.”

They take us for a ride with the creation of one of their most British drink — only fitting for a meet-up in London! — called Pimm’s Away.

Recipe card for the cocktail can be found as the last shot in the video!

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–Produced, filmed, edited and hosted by Katie Quinn–

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