Spirits, Cocktails, & Mixed Drinks | The Art of Mixology

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Regardless of where, when, or how you enjoy them, spirits offer a nearly limitless array of tastes, aromas, sensations, and traditions.

Scotch sipped from a tumbler on a cold evening. A shot of gin adding a pleasantly sharp bite to an after-work cocktail. The satisfying sweetness of aged rum enhancing a homemade punch.

Yet despite their varying degrees of sophistication, spirits can be understood and enjoyed by anyone. In the six interactive lectures of The Everyday Guide to Spirits and Cocktails: Tastes and Traditions, join acclaimed expert Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan, a Certified Specialist of Spirits.

Knowing the secrets of tequila, cognac, whiskey, cordials, and more — their history, their production, their varieties, their uses — can offer endless rewards for both you and others. It can transform you into someone who knows how to make parties exciting, unique affairs; someone who can easily pick the perfect gift to impress a cherished friend or important business client; someone who knows how to order the best drinks to match specific occasions.

Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan demystifies the world’s most popular spirits and shows you how to discover your own personal preferences, make classic cocktail recipes just like a master mixologist, and use little-known insider tips and techniques for tasting and shopping for spirits.

These dynamic mixology lectures feature fun and interactive tastings, interviews with industry experts, footage that captures expert bartenders in action, virtual tours through the production process, and much more. Discover the art of creating mixed drinks and reap the benefits that come with an increased knowledge of mixology.

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