The Right Time To Harvest Grapes For Wine

Moreno Coronica entered the winemaking business following his grandfather’s and father’s footsteps. His newly built large cellar equipped with up-to-date technology seems as if it had nothing in common with the traditional methods he uses in the vineyard. Moreno’s persistence, determination and his passion towards the art of winemaking has made him one of the largest producers in Istria. His Malvasia, Gran Malvasia in particular, aged in barrique, has been considered by many, a leader in the overall assortment of white wines in Istria.

He is also very ambitious when it comes to Teran, too; his Gran Teran aging in the barrique is certainly one of the most interesting red wines of Istria. Oriented almost exclusively to local quality wines, namely Malvasia and Teran, Coronica has shown how much he truly cares for traditional ways of Istrian wine making. It was an honor to talk to a man that has over 26 years or as he says, “26 chances,” of making wine.

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