Daily Wine News: The Irish + Bordeaux

bordeaux-wine-cork-984x500In Decanter, Jane Anson learns about how Irish merchants influenced the style of Bordeaux wines we know today. “The Irish, it turns out, were particularly enthusiastic proponents of the art of ‘cutting’ or blending Bordeaux wines with others from more robust areas…While it’s easy to dismiss this as a dark, even embarrassing part of Bordeaux’s history, to do so would overlook one hugely important fact – that it was these very wines that made the reputation of Bordeaux in the markets that were prepared to pay the highest prices of the day.”

“For many winemakers, Shiraz’s downfall became a moment of reckoning; they saw it as an opportunity to talk about terroir and educate drinkers on the climactic diversity of the country.” In Fortune, Shana Clarke reports on why Australia’s new wave winemakers are rebelling against the Shiraz name, and bottling their wines as Syrah instead.

“…as climate change rages on, temperatures rise worldwide, and massive environmental shifts continue to take place, regional typicities are also shifting. So what does that mean for a practice based on “classics” when the whole concept of typicity is in question?” Vicki Denig ponders how blind tasting needs to adapt with changing classic wines in Wine-Searcher.

In Club Oenologique, Natasha Hughes MW looks at how sherry is evolving with a shifting focus on single vineyards, vintage bottlings and more.

Wine Business reports that the first grapes of 2019 have been harvested in Napa at Rodgers Vineyards.

NPR looks at how California’s largest legal weed farms are facing conflict in Wine Country.

In the World of Fine Wine, Stuart Walton reviews The Symposium: Drinking Greek Style.

Source : http://www.terroirist.com/2019/08/daily-wine-news-the-irish-bordeaux/