trump disgraces America abroad–again

Well, he’s done it again: embarrassed America
abroad. His performance at the G7 was, in a word, horrible. It’s obvious the
European leaders loathe him and all he stands for. The reports have suggested
that the leaders didn’t want to directly bash him (even though personally they
want to), so they put discretion before valor and were basically nice to him.

This is bullshit. Why can’t they come right out
and say what they believe, and what we all know? “This man is a complete fool. How
long will it take for America to return to her senses and give us another
Obama, or at least another George W. Bush?”

Not long, Europe, not long.

I suppose the reason they’re so reticent ro
voice their contempt is that trump does wield great power over Europe (and
Japan, too). We have, ever since we won World War I for Europe. We helped win
World War II for them (Russia did more than we did, if you measure these things
by the number of Russians who died and the number of Germans they killed), but
America’s post-war Marshall Plan really restored Europe to its feet. We’re
still the world’s biggest economy, so the Europeans and Japan are understandably
leery of insulting a man who has the power of the Tariff.

But wouldn’t it be nice if these leaders could speak freely. I’d love to hear them come out and tell the world how horrified they are by what’s happened in the U.S. since January, 2017. The New York Times had a great story about the G7; their headline tells it all: Don’t Get You-Know-Who Mad.

Well, of course Merkel, Macron et al. don’t
want to be on the receiving end of trump’s tariffs, or his taunts, or whatever
thuggish things he might do to them if they dared to come out and publicly
criticize him. But they might review Europe’s history vis-à-vis Hitler to learn
why their cowardice is so dangerous. Too many European leaders in the 1930s
failed to stand up to the Nazi menace. Hitler’s Germany had the money and the
troops to hurt them if they showed any spine. Hence, most of them didn’t, Great
Britain’s Churchill being the sole exception. All the others—the leaders of France,
Italy, Hungary, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Yugoslavia, Norway, Sweden,
Bulgaria, Greece—fell in line. Their silence doomed Europe to the death and destruction
Hitler wrought.

Why do Macron, Merkel and the rest think that
History will turn out differently this time? By their silence they enable a
psychopath capable of unleashing untold horrors upon the world.

We’ve all been watching/reading coverage of the
G7 but not all of us reach the same conclusions. I daresay trump’s shrinking
base thinks he did just fine: “He really stuck it to those European communists.”
Of course, they’re getting their information from fake “news” sources, like Fox,
Limbaugh and Info Wars. They don’t like foreigners, except when they’re fascist/capitalist
authoritarians like Duterte or Bolsonaro. These red state trailer park dwellers
love Hitler; they probably love Mussolini although they’re be hard-pressed to
tell you anything about him. They would have loved Franco, too, but they’ve
probably never heard of him.

Isn’t it sad that the “base” that got trump
elected, and continues to support him, is so deplorable? Yes, I use Hillary’s
term deliberately. These people are uneducated, racist, homophobic, xenophobic,
religious fanatics, bitter at their failure in life, resentful of the success
of others. They hate with unreasoned ferocity, and are the kind of people who
have spread instability and war across the world for all of human history. They
are the worst electorate in America since the South prior to the Civil War. These
are not people we want interfering in the governance of our country. Unfortunately,
we’re stuck with them for the foreseeable future. We can and will defeat them
in 2020, in a Blue Wave, but they’re not going anywhere. They can’t be educated;
their minds are closed….

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