Why it would have been easy for Trump to order Epstein’s death

The dumbest remark I’ve heard all week—and I’ve
heard a lot of dumb stuff from Republicans—was on Breitbart or, as I like to
call it, BiteFart. It was from a woman (obviously not well-educated), who
wrote, concerning the Epstein death, “Trump is no murder.” She meant “murderer,”
of course, but many if not most of these Republican Trump supporters are sadly
lacking in basic writing skills, as a read-through of comments on BiteFart
shows every day. (The possibility also exists that the woman is some kind of
Russian bot or troll.)

How does this woman know that “Trump is no
? He sanctions murder, that’s for sure. A couple of years ago, in an
interview in which he was criticized for supporting murderous dictators, he
said (I paraphrase), “What, you think America doesn’t kill people?”
Coming from the President of the United States, that is a pretty clear
indication that Trump has ordered deaths. Given what we know of his personality—sociopathic,
narcissistic, megalomaniacal, paranoid—there’s no reason not to believe that he’s
comfortable with taking out his enemies. I would not kill—you would not kill—most
decent people would not kill—but Donald Trump would, if he could; and he can.
He’s the most powerful person in the world.

Look, if he wanted to “arrange” the death of
Epstein in the Metropolitan Correctional Center, he could do it with a wink and
a nod. Arrange for someone to be off-duty at a crucial moment. Pay someone to “not
see” something. Have an important document mysteriously disappear. Epstein
supposedly hanged himself (with what, we don’t know). Do you not think someone
could have entered his cell, overpowered him, and strangled him, then made the
scene look as though Epstein had done the deed himself?

Over at the afore-mentioned BiteFart the
running meme is that Bill Clinton (or, in some cases, Hillary) arranged for
Epstein’s murder. Just how either of the Clintons retains enough power to pull
off a stunt like that is not explained by BiteFarters, who never need evidence
for their ridiculous conspiracy theories. Former Presidents have absolutely no extrajudicial
power, beyond the power of the pulpit. Sitting Presidents do. I doubt if there’s
a person in the entire world whom Trump could not have killed, if he wanted. And
surely Trump had ample motive to kill Epstein.

Let’s not forget this telling quote from Trump, given during a New York magazine interview back in 2002: Epstein “likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.” That’s what he said: I didn’t make it up, Democrats didn’t invent it, it’s what the serial pussy-grabber said. His remarkable understatement that both he and his good friend Epstein like their women “on the younger side” can have only one meaning: both predators enjoyed girls under the legal age of consent. In this age of #MeToo this is a shocking admission. There may or may not exist objective proof that Epstein supplied Trump with girls “on the younger side,” but clearly, had Epstein lived, he would have been in a position to so testify.

But Epstein did not live. His life ended abruptly.
Cui bono, the law asks in Latin: Who benefits from Epstein’s death?
Obviously his co-conspirators do. We don’t know whom they are, yet. But there’s
plenty of smoke emerging from the crime scene, and anyone who doesn’t, at the
very least, entertain the possibility that Trump had illegal sex with girls “on
the younger side”
supplied to him by Epstein, and then ordered Epstein
eliminated, is living in a fool’s paradise.

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