Daily Archives: September 9, 2019

Nino Negri grape drying house

@WineAlchemy1 has added a photo to the pool: Valtellina, Lombardy, Italy. The traditional way of drying Nebbiolo grapes to make sforzato red wine, using mountain air passing through a loft Source : https://www.flickr.com/photos/winealchemy1/1780594215/in/[email protected]

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Elin McCoy: Should Japan go beyond Koshu?

I’m standing in a vineyard where the vines look like small trees, their branches spread in a high canopy with pink-skinned grape bunches protected from rain by small wax paper hats. Anyone who has visited Yamanashi, Japan’s wine country, would instantly recognise them as Koshu, the unique white grape variety that the Japanese have been, justifiably, busy promoting internationally. I …

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