Friday News Quiz

kids, here’s your final multiple choice quiz of the week. How will Trump and his
regime be remembered by History?

  1. Worst
    in American history
  2. A
    depraved hiccup, after which normalcy was restored
  3. The
    cause of Civil War II
  4. The
    demise of evangelicalism in America
  5. Part
    of a wave of nationalist-white supremacist governments around the world
  6. All
    of the above
  7. None
    of the above
  8. Some
    of the above

pretty obvious, to me anyway, that #1 is going to be true. We already see the
outlines: a greedy, criminal enterprise, similar to a Mafia family, run by an
unscrupulous, sexually depraved man. Comparisons have been made to Tony Soprano,
but that’s not right, because Tony was—for all his faults—likeable; and Trump
is not, not even by his Republican allies.

#2, we might well return to normalcy, starting when we elect a Democratic
President and Congress next year. Or we might not. The seeds of American democracy
are strong, but this regime has poisoned the soil, like a toxic waste dump, and
it could be a long time before normal conditions are restored.

doubt if #3, the Civil War II scenario, will ensue, but you never know. This
Trump bunch is mentally ill; they’re basically sociopaths (as is Trump himself)
and they also have weapons. They may take to the streets, in which case the
rest of us would have to fight back. I think that they’ll be talked down from
their violence (by their families, or clergymen, or friends) but they just
might be angry enough to start shooting.

earnestly hope and pray that #4, the demise of evangelicalism, comes true. I
harbor no illusions that we can crush it 100%. These idiots have always lurked
at the fringes of American society and they’re not going away. But we can
reduce their numbers, and we can reduce their influence, and we can certainly
shame them into shutting up and leaving us alone.

the spread of white supremacist-nationalist governments around the world, is already
happening, as my readers know. Trump is only its American incarnation. We’ve
seen this before: the rise of fascism in Europe in the 1930s, which led to
World War II. But History doesn’t exactly repeat itself. There are some
understandable reasons why Western nations occasionally lurch into nationalism.
These reasons are false, on analysis; but the underlying feelings that prompt
them are real. Governments, including America’s, need to understand why so many
white people seem to yearn for authoritarian, one-party leaders who can make
the trains run on time.

#6 is incorrect and so is #7. The final correct answer is #8: “some of the

I am loving the turn of events which UkraineGate is bringing about. I don’t see
how Trump finagles himself out of this shitstorm. Neither do I see how his
craziest allies—Giuliani, Pence, Pompeo and Republican Congressional leaders—get
out of this alive. With every ounce of my hope I envision Nuremberg-style
trials in which this entire rogue regime is brought to Justice, convicted and
sentenced to prison. See Paris and die? No, see Trump behind bars, and then I’ll
be happy to go to Valhalla.

a wonderful weekend! To my friends in fire-prone California, stay safe!

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