Here’s the truth about the Deep State

You wanna know who the goddamn Deep State is?
I’ll tell you.

First, a definition. The Deep State is a
seditious cadre of right wing religious fascists, rapacious billionaires, and
the slime bags on the consultative/media rear end of the Republican Party.
Together, they have made common cause against America: they wish to do away
with the U.S. Constitution, delegitimize all branches of government (the
Congress and the Courts) except for the presidency as long as Trump occupies
it, sow mistrust in America’s intelligence services, eliminate all taxes on the
wealthy and the corporations they own, destroy independent journalism AKA the
First Amendment to the Constitution, and eventually to take this country over
as a one-party, religious theocracy.

That’s the Deep State!

Let’s name names.

First among the criminals of the Deep State
are so-called “Christian” evangelical preachers. They’ve been burrowing into
the fabric of our political structure since the 1970s. Despite the reality of
many of them being sexual predators who use the services of prostitutes of both
genders for their personal pleasure, they somehow manage to retain the trust of
their “flocks,” to whom they preach “family values.” People like Jerry Falwell,
Jr. and Franklin Graham are their latest incarnations, but their predecessors
include such notorious pervs as Jimmy Swaggart and Jim Bakker. They extort
money from their (mostly impoverished and ignorant) congregations and use it to
live fabulous lifestyles, while arranging for bundled money to be siphoned off
to arch-conservative political candidates, which is how they acquired and
maintain power with Republicans including Trump and, before him, George W. Bush
and Reagan. These people represent a clear and present danger to our nation.
They are not religious. They have nothing to do with spirituality or God. They
are traitors devoted to Mammon, bent on overturning our multi-cultural
democracy and creating a religious dictatorship, with themselves at the

Then there are the greedy billionaires, who
never have enough money, no matter how much they possess. Read Jane Mayer’s
magnificent book, Dark Money, for more information on them. The Koch
Brothers (well, one recently died, thankfully), the Mercers, the DeVoses (one
of them is in Trump’s Cabinet), the Coors family—these plutocrats are hell-bent
on doing away with taxes while starving the Federal government so that it is no
longer able to provide any sort of assistance to struggling people. Their philosophical
prophets, to the extent they know how to read, are Ayn Rand and Friedrich Hayek.
They despise the poor. They despise people of color. They despise workers, even
though without workers they would be pond scum on the surface of America. These
are the thugs who buy and sell politicians and judges like soap powder; they
bought and paid for the likes of Brett Kavanaugh, and now they expect a return
on their investment.

Next in the Basket of Deplorables is the
media/pundit/consultant class of far rightwing neo-fascists. They’re the ones
you see on Fox “News,” in Breitbart, in the op-ed pages of the Wall Street Journal.
Consider Tucker Carlson, if you’re able to do so without vomiting, but of
course there are others: Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs, Rush Limbaugh, Daniel
Henninger and Kimberley Strassel at the WSJ, and many, many others. These
neo-fascists, many of whom are white supremacists, take their talking points
from the RNC and directly from the White House. They’re smart enough to know
that they lie on behalf of a wannabe dictator, Trump; they’re amoral enough not
to care, as long as they get money and power.

You’ll notice I didn’t include Republican politicians in my lineup of the Deep State. People such as Lindsay Graham, John Cornyn, Devin Nunes, Mitch McConnell, the disgraced Pompeo and the repugnant Pence of course are vile; without them Trump and the Deep State could not carry out…

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