It doesn’t matter if the Senate kills Impeachment

We’ll get the
motherfuckers anyway!

Like you, I’ve
been mesmerized by the Impeachment process now moving through the Congress. I’m
quite sure that the House will indeed approve Impeachment. I’m also pretty sure
that the Republican Senate will never vote to convict the criminal, Trump. Let’s
say all this happens sometime before Christmas. Where does that leave us?

The risk for
Democrats is that Trump will then claim “total exoneration.” His neo-fascist
allies will proclaim that Nancy Pelosi blundered badly. And then, as the
all-important year of 2020 comes, Democrats might find themselves demoralized:
the Mueller Report seems to have been a dud; despite all the House committees
investigating various misdeeds by Trump, nothing is getting done; and,
suddenly, even Impeachment has been lost as an issue.

What then?

Well, there will remain plenty of other issues: immigration and borders, climate change, tax policy, abortion, judicial appointments, LGBT concerns, foreign policy, budget deficits and so on. But none of these really grabs the public’s attention the way The Resistance to Trump has. The Resistance to Trump (which I joined in September, 2016, even before the election) has been the most spectacular public movement I’ve seen since Vietnam days. It’s been an overwhelming success; a majority of the American people see through Trump, they know he’s a disgusting liar, and they wish to see him gone. No specific policy issue carries the weight and import of The Resistance. So the question of what happens post-Impeachment becomes, What happens to The Resistance?

It’s possible
it could peter out. People already have Trump fatigue. Every day, sometimes
several times every day, he does something so stupid, so dangerous, so
offensive that, after a while, people start to shrug and think, “Another day,
another idiotic Trump tweet.” There’s a risk that Americans will just go back
to their regular lives after burning out on three years of Trump.

But I don’t think
that will happen. First of all, a majority of Americans are already primed for
the Republican Senate to kill Impeachment. McConnell has already stated clearly
that he will bury Impeachment, when it comes to him. Democrats will be able to leverage
that into a new level of outrage against the Republican Party.

Then, too,
there’s no evidence Trump will stop doing stupid, outrageous things
post-Impeachment. If anything, he’ll be emboldened. He’ll continue to poke
sticks in the eyes of Democrats, the media, women, gays, people of color and
people who still possess common sense and decency. I suspect Trump’s approval
ratings—which are already in the toilet—will continue to sink lower and lower.
Then what?

We won’t be
able to impeach him a second time. But 2020 is a big election year: and that’s
where Trump’s karma will finally catch up to him. Not only his, but the Republicans
in general: they’re due for a licking because of the contemptible way they have
treated our Constitution and the American people. So, ultimately, even if and
when the Senate buries Impeachment, we’ll still have the elections to bring
this cult of Trump to justice.

But wait! There’s more. The instant Trump is no longer president, let the indictments begin! All the stuff that Republicans claim a sitting president can’t be charged with will, once he’s lost power, then be indictable. I’ve lost count of all the crimes Trump has committed, but I know there are Democratic lawyers with lists. Once he’s private citizen Trump, the lawyers can have a field day; ditto for the district attorneys. Trump will face lawsuits from coast to coast; he won’t be able to dodge or obstruct them, the way he’s doing to the House now. If he tries, some magistrate somewhere can order him hauled off to jail. And the same goes for his co-conspirators, everyone from Jared and Ivanka to Kevin McCarthy, McConnell, Kellyanne Conway and the rest of the…

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