This Utah teacher gives all Christians a bad name

We don’t know the name of the teacher who was fired for giving her fifth-grade students a Christian lecture that “homosexuality is wrong.”

asked her students what they’re grateful for this Thanksgiving, and one of
them, an 11-year old boy identified only as D.M., replied that he was grateful
for his two Dads. The teacher proceeded to harangue the class for ten minutes
on the evils of homosexuality; she actually told D.M., “That’s nothing to be
thankful for.”

might never have known about this horrible incident were it not for three girls
in the class. The girls “asked [the teacher] to stop multiple times,”
but when the teacher continued her homophobic diatribe, “they walked out of
the room to get the principal.”

teacher was immediately escorted from the school and fired.

goodness for the decency of the principal, and for those three little girls.
Their parents must be very proud of them.

won’t surprise me if the unidentified teacher finds some Christian law firm to
sue the school district. There are all sorts of private organizations
representing Christian lawyers, who defend their clients against legitimate charges
of bigotry, discrimination, slander and civil rights violations, such as those
bakers in Colorado who refused to serve a cake to a gay couple who were getting
married (a decision upheld by the Christian-dominated U.S. Supreme Court). The
fired teacher probably didn’t intend to get herself in trouble, but once she
found herself there, she may be thinking she can make some serious money from
her experience and at the same time defend her religious beliefs. And, given
the makeup of our increasingly conservative-Christian courts, she may be right.

Because, you see, it doesn’t matter that that teacher is a hopelessly bigoted, vile woman. It’s one thing to hold a private belief about homosexuality, but it’s quite another to haul that prejudice into a public school classroom and then unleash it on a group of eleven-year olds. What trauma the child of the two Dads must have experienced! “It’s absolutely ridiculous and horrible what she did,” one of the Dads told a newspaper reporter who interviewed him. He added, “This situation really hurt him. This person really hurt us.”

The rightwing, religious faction of the Republican Party is repugnant for many, many reasons (including continuing to support an amoral, greedy adulterer and liar who is the opposite of Christian decency), but surely one of their most egregious sins is their ongoing campaign against same sex love and marriage. Despite the fact that the United States Supreme Court legalized gay marriage, these homophobes continue to mobilize, hoping that a future Court (one dominated by Christian radical conservatives like Gorsuch and Kavanaugh) will overturn Obergefell v. Hodges.

seems unlikely, given the Court’s traditional respect for precedence, or stare

the thing to realize is that we’re now dealing with a group of revolutionaries—radically
Christianized rightwing conservatives—who wish to overturn many of the fundamental
tenets of American society, and the Court’s historic embrace of precedence may
not matter anymore to the Christian extremists on the Court. They may feel that
they have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do away with same sex marriage
and if they don’t act soon, they’ll be stuck with it forever. We can’t know how
this will turn out, and there doesn’t seem to be a case out there in the lower
courts that will float up to SCOTUS and give the Christians the opportunity to
strike a blow (no pun intended) against homosexuality. The point is that the
Christian haters, like that Utah schoolteacher, aren’t going away. They’re
thoroughly radicalized; they’re attempting to radicalize others (including
children), and even death won’t stop them, because new haters are being manufactured
every day, on the assembly line of…

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