Daily Wine News: Tariff Talk

In Food & Wine, Ray Isle explains why 2020 is looking dangerous for wine lovers. “The truth is that the primary damage that will be done by this tariff will be to jobs and businesses in the United States… The businesses that won’t be able to recover will be U.S.-based importers who concentrate on European wines. These are mostly small, family-owned companies that have built their business over many years in a highly competitive marketplace. Many will go out of business; it’s impossible to sustain for any length of time an overnight 100-percent hike in cost of goods.”

In Beverage Media,
Jeff Siegel reports on how the industry is scrambling to cope with Trump’s
tariff-imposed price hikes.

In Vinous, Antonio
Galloni shares his letter
to Trump regarding the tariffs.

Imbibe Magazine
, Penelope Bass profiles Mimi Casteel, who was named Imbibe’s
Wine Person of the Year for demonstrating how regenerative farming is not only
better for the earth, but better for the wine.

the Wall Street Journal
, Lettie Teague explores how the division between
Old World and New World wines has evolved. (subscription req.)

, Adam Morganstern asks a group of wine writers and sommeliers what
they’re looking forward to drinking more of in 2020.

Jane Anson offers a producer profile of Château Smith Haut
Lafitte in
. (subscription req.)

Source : https://www.terroirist.com/2020/01/daily-wine-news-tariff-talk/

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